Geaux Fetch Dog Training in Baton Rouge and Gonzales

Leash Free Plus

Leash Free Plus


Four Week Course

  • Off Leash Commands
  • Valuable Home Manors
  • Team Building Sessions
  • Full-time Boarding
Get Started with Off Leash Plus  

The Leash Free Plus Course includes leash free skills plus the introduction to valuable manors for in the home.

The Leash Free Plus course is a 4 week course that covers the following:

  • Off leash sit and stay
  • Loose leash heeling
  • Off leash healing
  • Off leash recall (Come when called)
  • Not jumping on people
  • Stop getting into the garbage can
  • Stop jumping on counters
  • Sit and stay at doorway
  • Up to three private sessions on week four of training

Course Fee: $1800